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U.S. Air Force News

  • DAF releases FY25 Special Duty Assignment Pay tables

    The Special Duty Assignment Pay board, which has transitioned to meeting every four years, focused on identifying personnel in extremely demanding positions with unusually challenging responsibilities.

  • DAF updates Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus policy

    Department of the Air Force has updated its Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus policy to prioritize those critical career fields, programs and positions that require foreign language proficiency to perform their missions.

  • Pay dates increase for civilians in 2015

    Civilian employees will have 27 pay dates in 2015 compared to the usual 26, so some employees might need to adjust their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contribution elections to receive the maximum agency matching contributions for 2015.

  • AF approves special pay for nuclear career fields

    Assignment incentive pay and special duty assignment pay for select total force nuclear career fields became effective Oct. 1, following Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James' recent announcement.

  • AF releases furlough-related pay information

    Air Force officials released Oct. 8, the following furlough-related questions and answers to aid service civilians with processing time and attendance. This information was coordinated with manpower and personnel, financial management, and general counsel office experts.