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Default Air Force Logo Integrity forms foundation of leadership
SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFPN) -- Over the past 23 years, I've had the opportunity to observe and work for many military and civilian leaders throughout the armed forces. Each one placed a different emphasis on the essential qualities of a leader.Some of my highest-level supervisors and commanders stressed excellence and technical
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Default Air Force Logo Holiday time can be stressful for children
As the holidays approach, parents are not the only ones who feel the demands of the season.Children also feel a rising anxiety as visitors, holiday events and marathon shopping outings disrupt their normal routines. Military families may have added stressors by having a family member deployed or getting ready for an impending separation, by long
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Default Air Force Logo Password protection key to information security
Vulnerability, according to Webster's dictionary, means susceptible to attack. In relation to Air Force information systems, our goal is to identify and eliminate all vulnerabilities. The longer they go undetected, the greater the chance of an attack.Everyone in the Air Force, in one way or another, relies on protection of sensitive information
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Default Air Force Logo Budgeting now saves post-holiday stress
It is that time of year again. The season everyone loves when it starts and hates when it ends. It is the holiday shopping season.Tired of struggling after the holidays leave nothing but a bunch of costly credit card bills and an empty wallet?A little pre-holiday budgeting and planning can help make holiday shopping what it should be: fun and
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Default Air Force Logo Command and Control wins fight
Simply put, Air Combat Command's mission is to develop and nurture airmen, be prepared to deploy and be prepared to fight. Our six focus areas -- people, expeditionary operations, command and control, information operations, infrastructure and transformation -- prioritize our limited resources.My philosophy is: "If you don't control it, you can't
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Default Air Force Logo You're worth more than $4.50
I remember reading some time ago that you could buy all the organic substances that form the human body for $4.50. Less than five bucks. Hmmm ... never thought about it that way before, have you? Does this make you feel insignificant?Way back when, back when I was only thinking about joining the Air Force, I believed the Air Force was some sort
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Default Air Force Logo Formula for success, leadership hasn't changed
People, especially young airmen I meet when visiting our training units, often ask what it takes to be successful in today's Air Force.The things you should do to have a successful career have not changed since airmen first wore chevrons. Success is based on your performance in three primary areas: Air Force specialty, airmanship and leadership.
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Default Air Force Logo When it comes to integrity, practice makes perfect
As most of us do, I often look at world events covered in the media from the perspective of "How does this affect me?" or "What lessons can I take away from these events?"The continuing war on terrorism, the one-year anniversary of Sept. 11, and the threat of a new war in Iraq have overshadowed other recent events in the national media with
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Default Air Force Logo Breast cancer -- A family story
It's one of my first memories from my childhood, and it haunts me.I was sitting in the living room combing my mom's hair and it just seemed to fall out -- all of it.At six years old, I was affected by something most people may never experience. Although, according to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will.My mother was diagnosed with
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Default Air Force Logo Core values don't include drinking underage
It used to be that having a couple of drinks after work was the thing to do. A whole group would head from the dorms to the Airman's Club and drink the night away.In the early 1980s, things started to change. The drinking age was changed to 19, then 20 and then 21. People were upset.I hear the same complaints today that I heard then: "If I am
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