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  • Fear, anxiety sometimes come in little packages

    "Mommy, why is there war?""Daddy, why are there terrorists?"Tough questions, yes. Impossible questions, not necessarily.Our children are growing up in a different world than we did. Messages of terror can travel the Internet around the world in seconds. Rogue nations with weapons of mass destruction are the norm rather than the exception.What is
  • Eyes in the air

    One hundred years has brought aviation to a place its early pioneers may have never dreamed of. The earliest pioneers, though, were born centuries before the Wright brothers built their first bicycle.According to legend, the Chinese were the first to use aerial reconnaissance, sending men aloft in kites sometime before the year 1,000 A.D. The
  • A fighter pilot's goodbye

    As we stand trained and ready to execute the decisions of our President, many thoughts are focused on loved ones at home. It is their support that gives us the confidence and the moral strength to carry out our duties and hurry home.That support began giving us strength even before we left the flightline.The night we deployed, we were overwhelmed
  • Break out of your rut!

    Originally, a rut was a deep, narrow track made in the ground by the wheels of a cart or carriage in a roadway after continuous use.Today, the term is used to describe a condition where people find themselves doing the same tired routine in the same uninspired way.In James Hunter's "The Servant," a favorite leadership book of mine, a character
  • Airmen, families critical to OPSEC success

    With our nation at war, operations security becomes a vital part of success in battle and force protection at home.Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld during a nationally televised press conference on Iraq March 20, concluded his remarks with a strong reminder to those who have access to classified information."It's essential that everyone with
  • Civilians provide crucial role in national defense

    When we talk about building leaders, we must address the total force. Today's military is a rich blend of active-duty, Guard, Reserve, civilian civil service and contractors supporting military operations.The civilian workforce is a crucial link in national defense. The Department of Defense employs more than 800,000 civilians around the world.
  • Women's rights movement marks 155th year

    This year marks the 155th anniversary of the women's rights movement in the United States.It began in 1848 in a small town in New York when five women got together for tea. The conversation soon turned to the limitations on their lives and before they knew it, they were planning a convention to discuss the "rights of women."Since that time, other
  • Values are hallmark of true professionals

    From entry-level training for new recruits to the every-day news coverage of events in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere around the world, we are constantly told that today's military is the most "professional" in America's history.Within the Air Force, we pride ourselves on being "professional" officers, airmen and civilians who provide
  • AEF: Bending, but not broken

    The air and space expeditionary forces concept survives, but both it and our airmen are being stressed to the limit.Increased operations and the potential for more are placing demands on our armed forces like never before. In our Air Force, these demands exceed current steady-state requirements in operations Northern Watch and Southern Watch and
  • If all the world's a stage...

    Reality programming has taken over our televisions.On any given channel on any given day, there seems to be a set of strangers or celebrities competing for money, fame or each other. Millions of viewers are privy to whichever intimate details about these "players" the producers of the shows decide to reveal.This morning, as I laced up my boots,


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