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Air Force Manpower Analysis Agency



The Air Force Manpower Analysis Agency (AFMAA), located at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, is a Field Operating Agency of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Manpower, Personnel and Services, which reports to Headquarters U.S. Air Force Directorate of Manpower, Organization and Resources. The Agency plays a key role in enterprise-wide process improvement and the measurement and documentation the Air Force's manpower requirements.


Provide management engineering services and process improvement capabilities to maximize the effective use of resources in the execution of Air Force and DoD missions

To be the Department of Defense's premier choice delivering innovative management engineering solutions


AFMAA has five divisions in its headquarters, plus three geographically separated squadrons, each with its own scope of operations and responsibilities. 
The overall mission of the three Manpower Requirements Squadrons is to quantify total force manpower requirements for the Air Force. The squadrons also conduct short-notice, high-visibility special manpower studies as directed by Headquarters AFMAA.  They are:

         - 1st Manpower Requirements Squadron, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas

          - 2nd Manpower Requirements Squadron, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia

          - 4th Manpower Requirements Squadron, Peterson AFB, Colorado


AFMAA initiates process improvement initiatives, identifies manpower requirements necessary to complete the various Air Force mission sets, provides combatant commanders in determining military essential requirements in support of warfighting scenarios, provides commanders at all levels the tools and information they need to make resource decisions, manages Air Force performance management and innovation programs, executes competitive sourcing, and supports the manpower functional community through the following capabilities. 

Initiates Process Improvement Initiatives

The Agency provides cradle-to-grave customer and analyst support through the planning, coordination, and standardization of the Air Force process improvement initiatives. Outputs to the Air Force and AFMAA customers include:

Measurable improvement of value streams across functional areas

Standardization of work across the Air Force

Commander support to improve functional operations using data driven decisions


Determines Manpower Requirements

The Agency develops manpower standards and conducts management advisory studies to document the manpower requirements to support Air Force missions.

-   During growth—identifies and validates unfunded requirements

-   During stability—helps prioritize and maximize available resources and, afterwards, redistributes those resources based on changing demands

-   During reduction—assists in process improvement and identifies efficiencies


Develops Manpower Programming/Resourcing Factors

The Agency develops manpower resource factors consistent with budget exercises and develops quarterly, biennial and long-range manpower requirements factors. Outputs to the Air Force and AFMAA customers include:

-   Military grade factors

-   Man-hour availability factors

-   Base support tail factors

-   Standard indirect models

-   Logistics Composite Modeling (LCOM) Program

-   Unit Type Code Management


Directs Air Force Performance Improvement/Management Programs

The Agency collects and analyzes Headquarters Air Force data for continuous assessment of mission performance. Outputs to the Air Force and AFMAA include:

-   Air Force Effects Management Plan

-   Airmen Powered by Innovation (API) Program

-   Performance Awards


Executes the Commercial Services Management Program

The Agency implements the Air Force-wide commercial services management, or CSM, program to improve operation of commercial functions using a variety of management tools. Outputs to the Air Force and AFMAA customers include:

-   Inherently Governmental / Commercial Activity Inventory

-   CSM technical guidance and cost models

-   Field support for competitive sourcing, in-sourcing, and business process re-engineering initiatives

-   Post initiative accountability tracking and reporting

-   Air Force CSM training


Conducts Special Studies

The Agency conducts headquarters-directed special studies which provide Air Force leaders objective information and analysis to make timely, effective manpower requirements and resource decisions. Outputs to the Air Force and AFMAA customers include:

-   Assessments of manpower requirements

-   Organizational recommendations

-   Process improvement recommendations

-   Other deliverables as required



The Air Force Manpower Analysis Agency was originally established in 1975 as the Air Force Management Engineering Agency, a separate operating agency reporting directly to Headquarters U.S. Air Force, when the Air Force decided it needed an agency to provide technical guidance and central direction to its management engineering program. In 1978, the Agency became a named unit and was realigned under the Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center. In 1985, it was re-designated as a separate operating agency under its original name under Headquarters U.S. Air Force. In 1995, the Air Force Chief of Staff directed the Air Force to “operationalize” its Total Quality Management Program.  As a result, the agency merged with the Air Force Center for Quality and Innovation to become the Air Force Center for Quality and Management Innovation in 1996. To further operationalize quality, the manpower-quality function under the Air Force planning and programming guidance was re-engineered to streamline operations. As a result of that effort, the Agency was re-designated as the Air Force Manpower and Innovation Agency in 2001.


Starting in 1992, the Agency took over the field management engineering teams originally assigned to the Air Force Major Commands and reorganized them on a functional basis.  The Agency was again re-designated as the Air Force Manpower Agency in 2004 and the teams were restructured into five numbered squadrons and two numbered flights to provide geographic and functional expertise, representing a shift in mission priorities to better support the expeditionary Air Force.


In 2012, the Agency was realigned under the Air Force Personnel Center as the Directorate of Manpower and later reactivated in its current form as the Air Force Manpower Analysis Agency in 2015. Its mission throughout its existence has been to provide U.S. Air Force leaders the analysis and tools to identify manpower requirements for the most effective and efficient accomplishment of Air Force missions. 


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