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The Air Force places great emphasis on mentoring as a key component in fostering transformative growth throughout the entire organization. In alignment with the National Security Strategy's emphasis on investing in our people, the Secretary of the Air Force's focus on maintaining force readiness, and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force's Action Order Airman to cultivate exceptional future leaders, our mentoring program underscores its essential role. By facilitating personal and professional advancement, mentoring augments the aptitudes of Airmen and Guardians, guaranteeing a powerful, flexible, and enduring force prepared to confront evolving threats. The Department of the Air Force is devoted to offering a diverse array of mentoring solutions, specifically designed to cater to individuals across all ranks and classifications.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a developmental partnership in which an individual with greater knowledge, skills, or experience guides and supports the growth of a less experienced person. This relationship typically involves the mentor sharing their expertise and insights to help the mentee set realistic objectives, identify and overcome obstacles, and develop a deeper understanding of their personal and professional aspirations.




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Embarking on a mentee journey in the Air Force signifies embracing a unique opportunity to unlock your true potential and elevate your personal and professional growth. By forging a powerful connection with an experienced mentor, you'll gain invaluable insights, wisdom, and support that will empower you to tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and become an exceptional Airman or Guardian. Despite one’s rank/grade, mentoring can be a transformative experience that will not only fuel your aspirations but also contribute to the greater success and readiness of the Air Force and Space Force.

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5 key aspects of a good mentee are:

  • Proactive and eager to learn
  • Open-mindedness and receptiveness
  • Goal-oriented and self-motivated
  • Communication and active listening
  • Adaptability and resilience


Taking on the role of an Air Force mentor offers a unique chance to share your expertise and nurture the growth of future generations. By forging a strong bond with a mentee, you'll provide crucial insights and encouragement, empowering them to tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and thrive as an Airman or Guardian. This rewarding experience not only impacts your mentee's future but also bolsters the success and readiness of the entire Air Force community.

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The 5 key aspects of a good mentor are:

  • Empathy and understanding
  • Active listening and effective communication
  • Willingness to share knowledge and experience
  • Encouraging and motivating
  • Patience and adaptability