Airmen invited to comment on safety publication

  • Published
  • By John Wooden
  • Air Force Safety Center
To gain insight and perspective from all Air Force stakeholders, the Air Force Safety Center requests informal comments on the draft revision of Air Force Instruction 91-203, Air Force Consolidated Occupational Safety Instruction.

The AFI is the Air Force’s Occupational Safety and Health instruction and defines the Air Force’s minimum safety, fire prevention and occupational health standards. The current version, published in 2012, is among the top five publications viewed every week on the Air Force e-Publishing website.

The solicitation of comments from active-duty Airmen and civilian employees is similar to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration practice of public announcement on safety standards.

“Openness is very important to the Air Force Chief of Safety,” said Bill Parsons, the chief of Air Force Occupational Safety. “We’re conducting this review and comment period in order to ensure that openness. The objective is to reduce the current instruction and allow greater access and utilization of OSHA’s federal standards.”

Phase I of the process, Chapters 1 – 11, is available on the AFI 91-203 comments site for review and comment. The comment period will remain open until Aug. 1, 2017. Phase II, Chapters 12 – 22, and Phase III, Chapters 23 – 31 will follow. All comments will be considered during the revision process. Comments deemed to have merit will be added to the publication for official adjudication by the Air Force Occupational Safety and major command chiefs of safety.