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This week's Roll Call features Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st century, also known as AFSO 21, which is a program that encourages Airmen to maximize value while minimizing waste.

AFSO 21 is about results. Senior leaders have identified the major result areas, which are called "Five North Stars." They are Productivity of our People; Equipment Availability; Agility; Safe and Reliable Operations; and Energy Efficiency.

"We must fundamentally change the culture of our Air Force so that all Airmen understand their individual role in improving their daily processes and eliminating things that don't add value to the mission. For such a comprehensive effort to be successful, it has to be led by commanders at all levels -- from the front," said Gen. T. Michael Moseley, Air Force chief of staff.

AFSO 21 mandates leaders at every level to support this effort. Airmen are asked to orient themselves about AFSO 21 principles and apply lessons learned for success in any process or mission.

No process is immune from critical reviews of AFSO 21. Airmen are applying the principles of AFSO 21 with positive results on the flightline, in maintenance shops, in customer service centers, in offices, and on construction sites -- everywhere.

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