SecAF speaks to JAG Airmen

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Rusty Frank
Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson addressed Judge Advocate General Corps Airmen during the 2017 Horizons Summer Conference, Aug. 28, 2017, in Falls Church, Virginia.

During her speech, Wilson emphasized her priorities including developing exceptional leaders, driving innovation, strengthening alliances, restoring readiness and cost-effectively modernizing.

“[Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. David L. Goldfein] and I are determined to continue to develop leaders across the force who are values driven, mission focused and people oriented,” Wilson said. “Leaders inspire others.”

Wilson also spoke about her husband’s role as a 30-year JAG officer and imparted how important it is for JAG Corps officers to not only advise commanders but also to help mold Airmen to become the future leaders of the Air Force.

“Every one of you by your actions, your words and your example are role models for others,” she said. “You inspire and touch lives in ways you may not even realize. So thank you for representing all of us well and inspiring the next generation of those who will serve.”

She noted the importance for JAG Corps Airmen to stay updated about new policy changes to better counsel their commanders.

“I personally have an understanding as a former Air Force officer, the work that you do to advise commanders and sort out problems, is invaluable to our service,” said Wilson.

Over the next 24 months the Air Force is going to review and reduce more than 1,309 Air Force Instructions, Wilson said. With Gen. Goldfein at her side, Wilson hopes to see authorities driven down to the lowest possible level.

“Chief and I have told commanders not to wait for us,” she said. “Act in accordance with our values and in alignment with the training and education you have as commanders, and do the right thing.”