Newest 'Chief's View' deals with enlisted development plan

  • Published
Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Rodney J. McKinley addresses the newest page on the Air Force Portal Web site, "My EDP," in his latest Chief's View video.

Also known as "My Enlisted Development Plan," the Web site is ideal "if you want to play a bigger role in developing the future of your career," Chief McKinley said.

"It's your personalized space to view, plan and track your career," the chief said. He added that the site offers one-stop shopping for enlisted Airmen's education, training, leadership and job experiences.

Unique features, such as a personal journal and mentoring capabilities, are also featured.

To learn more about "My EDP," view the attached video. To visit the Web site, go to the Air Force Portal, click on "Life and Career," and then on "Learning and Development."