New Web portal to help enlisted career development

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Julie Weckerlein
  • Air Force News Service
Enlisted Airmen will soon have a new development Web site portal designed to meet all of their career development needs, allowing them to navigate different aspects of their time in service from their desktop computers, Air Force officials here said.
My Enlisted Development Plan, or MyEDP, is designed as the Air Force's cradle-to-grave enlisted developmental tool. From their first day of duty to their last, enlisted Airmen will enjoy features of the site designed to provide standardization in every aspect of their career progression. 

"MyEDP is a major force development technology step for our enlisted force," said Maj. Kirk Phillips, chief of senior leader information technology operational support. "We've applied dynamic Internet technology to leverage what we currently have in place to quickly provide robust self-service capabilities to our Airmen across the globe through the Air Force Portal." 

He said larger enterprise integration and transformation efforts will occur behind the scenes. 

"For the first time, MyEDP connects force development initiatives in a seamless framework, which may set a new standard for all of our future force development efforts," Major Phillips said. 

One of the goals of MyEDP is to combine data from multiple sources to provide Airmen a complete view of all their data and information. 

"Similarly, it provides Airmen a single entry point through the Air Force Portal," said Senior Master Sgt. Bill Thomaston, chief of enlisted force development. "From Community College of the Air Force to on-the-job training to leadership development, our Airmen won't have to worry about 'which system' anymore. They'll have one Air Force learning environment with one look and feel at their fingertips." 

MyEDP will also provide Airmen critical career field and grade-specific information managed directly by each career field manager. It will also provide commanders a view of key Airman knowledge, skills and abilities, empowering them to effectively mentor and coach Airmen under their command. 

"MyEDP integrates several personnel service delivery transformation initiatives and creates opportunities for leadership at all levels to reach out (to) Airmen directly and guide them on the appropriate paths," said Senior Master Sgt. Bob Angeli, manger of enlisted force development. "It highlights the dual track development process -- technical and professional -- that we use for the enlisted force." 

MyEDP is targeted for every Airman at every developmental milestone, and allows each Airman to look at their current developmental progress and provides insight into future requirements for each stage of their career. 

Airmen will be able to determine at what point in their careers they may take on special duty assignments, such as recruiter, military training instructor, professional military education instructor, technical training instructor or first sergeant, Sergeant Angeli said.

"They'll also be able to determine which classes they need to finish their degrees, or see when they become eligible for certain types of professional military education," he said. 

All aspects of the enlisted journey are captured in the foundational areas of education and training, job experience and leadership. 

"Development is a long-term Air Force investment in you and your career, and measuring its success is in your personal growth and mission accomplishment," Sergeant Thomaston said. "The enlisted heritage of development is strong, and as we look to our horizons we now see exciting new roadmaps for success."