Small businesses and research institutions “TeamUp” with AFWERX for flying car funding

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  • AFWERX Public Affairs

The new expanded AFWERX team will host their first virtual TeamUp event with the Air Force Research Laboratory from July 15-16.

This event will provide an opportunity for America’s most innovative small businesses to collaborate with leading research institutions and universities to compete for the next round of the Air Force Small Business Technology Transfer Open Topic funding. The solicitation includes an Agility Prime focus area, with an estimated $10 million of contracts to be awarded within 90 days.

“AFWERX is connecting the best Airmen concepts with the full scope of technologies that America and its partners have to offer so we can accelerate fielding of the world’s most advanced commercial and military capabilities,” said Col. Nathan Diller, AFWERX director. “TeamUp events like this one will provide opportunities for multiple stakeholders to come together and compete with speed. Just like AFWERX and AFRL are teaming up to bring cutting edge commercial technology together with world-class research, we are encouraging entrepreneurs and researchers from around the country to TeamUp in a way that strengthens our national security and prosperity.”

As part of the event, Air Force leaders will highlight how this expanded AFWERX and AFRL team will energize collaboration between government, industry, investors, and academia. This includes leveraging successful Airmen innovation efforts, Air Force ventures initiatives, and rapid capability transitions like Agility Prime, all coupled with the deep technical base at AFRL.

Day one of the event will be open to the public with Air Force senior leader keynotes, an overview of the teaming between AFWERX and AFRL, funding opportunities with the Air Force STTR Open Topic solicitation and a public trade show.

This open trade show will feature advanced air mobility (i.e. flying car) technologies like sophisticated electric propulsion systems, advanced manufacturing, high-speed secure communications, as well autonomy and artificial intelligence and the associated sensor and computing hardware.

The STTR Open Topic Agility Prime focus area explores potential commercial products being developed for medical evacuation, firefighting, disaster response, search and rescue, and humanitarian relief operations.

On day two, the virtual trade show will allow for focused discussions between Agility Prime ecosystem members who have chosen to register for a virtual booth. AFWERX will facilitate connection and collaboration to these members, who will have the opportunity to team for the STTR Open Topic applications.

“The STTR Open Topic is yet another way the Air Force is determined to be the preferred partner for small business, providing non-dilutive seed funding to them and their research partners, including universities and nonprofit institutions,” said Maj. Jared Evans, AFWERX STTR Open Topic program manager and technology transfer lead at the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. “The STTR program is a critical part of our broader investment in our small business and research communities.”

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