DAWN-ED advanced degree program now accepting applications for 2022 academic year

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  • By Air Education and Training Command

Active duty Department of the Air Force officers interested in the Developing the Airmen We Need-Education advanced degree program have until June 25 to apply for the 2022 academic year.

DAWN-ED is a DAF-funded degree program that provides up to 15 eligible Airmen and Guardians an opportunity to pursue a master’s degree or doctorate from a university of choice.

Funded by the Air Force Education Requirements Board, DAWN-ED was established to help meet the Department’s future technological and emerging needs as outlined in the
2018 National Defense Strategy.

DAF officers in the following developmental categories are eligible to apply: Air Operations and Special Warfare - Space Operations; Nuclear and Missile Operations - Information Warfare; Combat Support and Force Modernization. In addition, Air Force ROTC and U.S. Air Force Academy cadets may apply.

Additionally, eligible officers should have no more than 10 years of commissioned service; no less than two years time on station; the ability to meet application and testing requirements for the school in which they apply; and will incur a service commitment following completion of the program.

Officers selected for this program must seek their advanced degree in one of the following areas: Computer Science (Advanced/Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning); Engineering (Autonomous Systems, Hypersonics, Optics, Robotics, Sensors, or Stealth); Physics (Advanced Materials or Directed Energy); and Other (Biotechnology, Ethics in Technology, Strategic Economics, or Strategic Foresight).

More detailed information about the criteria and application process is available on the myPers
website. DAWN-ED program managers will host four telephone conference calls to talk with and answer questions from officers and cadets considering this opportunity. Additional information for these calls is contained in the program announcements at the websites listed below:

DAWN-ED Master’s Announcement
DAWN-ED Ph.D Announcement

For more information, contact the DAWN-ED program managers at AETC.DAWN.Workflow@us.af.mil.