Fairchild AFB joins growing Food 2.0 dining improvement program

  • Published
  • By Armando Perez
  • Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center Public Affairs

The Air Force Services Center continues to implement its Healthy Food Initiative Food 2.0 program to provide improved food options for Airmen and Guardians across the enterprise.

The initiative, which includes modernizing dining facilities and new menu options, celebrated its latest grand opening, the Warrior Inn Dining Facility at Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington. Fairchild AFB’s Warrior Inn closed last year for a $3.3 million renovation and upgrade.

“Through the HFI, the Air Force is overhauling traditional dining facility options as a deliberate approach to delivering tasty food when, where and how Airmen need it,” said Col. Christopher Parrish, AFSVC commander. “Fairchild AFB is another example of how we are working with stakeholders, health advocates and industry experts to improve and adapt the food environment at each installation.”

A primary subordinate unit of the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center, AFSVC is helping the Air Force achieve comprehensive readiness through HFI by fueling Airmen and Guardians with highly nutritious, tasty and trendy food.

The Fairchild AFB location, operated by the 92nd Force Support Squadron, is one of 47 food and beverage operations at 26 installations running under the Air Force’s Food 2.0 program. Renovations to dining facilities at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, and Nellis AFB, Nevada are underway, with Nellis AFB expected to reopen in May and Davis-Monthan AFB early next year.

“We are excited to turn the lights back on at the Warrior Inn DFAC and provide another venue with food and beverage options to fuel the Air Force’s No. 1 weapon system,” said Capt. Robert Barrow, 92nd FSS flight commander. “After being closed for almost an entire year, we’re happy to get back to doing what we do best, which is serving our community here at Fairchild AFB.”

HFI Food 2.0 provides operations and culinary training to deliver high-brand standards to all customers. New items at the Warrior Inn include favorite cook-to-order items and rotating comfort food specials with various additions such as breakfast quesadillas, chicken cordon bleu wraps and mango coconut overnight oats. Seasonal or limited time only menu items are also available to help increase variety and ensure plenty of options to fuel Airmen and guests.

“Our entire team has been busy training, learning new recipes, cooking techniques and taste testing to ensure we are familiar with the new updated menu,” said Tech. Sgt. Christina Harris, Warrior Inn production manager. “We’ve been overwhelmed with the dedication and support, encouraging us in culinary excellence.”

As an operational partner, the Aramark Corporation provided industry skills, certified executive chef, and a project manager to work and train with the FSS team at Fairchild AFB.

“Food 2.0 is our most sought-after food and beverage customer program and allows our patrons to voice their opinion on varieties and on-point offerings so menus aren’t the same repetitive standard as before,” said Jim Krueger, AFSVC Air Force food and beverage strategic initiatives chief. “Our partnership with Aramark and their supporting corporate team allows us to continuously and quickly deliver new tastes, just as we have done with the Warrior Inn and Ross dining facilities.”

HFI and Food 2.0 transforms underutilized dining facilities, giving them a contemporary look with updated menus, equipment and allowing all on base to use them. The program can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each installation, Parrish said.

“AFSVC will continue to make changes in the food and beverage program to ensure not only healthier options are available, but for facilities to provide these options now and into the future,” Parrish said.

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