Air Force releases the ‘Purple Book’

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Air Force added another guide, titled The Joint Team, or the “Purple Book,” to its arsenal of foundational documents dedicated to developing Total Force Airmen.

The “Purple Book” educates Airmen on how airpower fits into the Joint Force construct and identifies the joint doctrine, values, capabilities, and warfighting concepts that capture how the Air Force effectively partners with other services to protect America’s interests across the globe.

“Today, we find ourselves in an era of strategic competition against adversaries who seek to outpace and eventually overtake us," said Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass. "Every Airman must know what is at stake and understand the critical importance of synchronizing our capabilities with our joint partners to amplify our collective strength and power."

The new book provides a baseline for understanding the value each service contributes to the Joint Force and outlines the essential framework to work with other branches to compete, deter, and win the high-end fight.

The new “Purple Book” explains all service members are part of a Profession of Arms. This holds them to a strong set of Joint Core Values and supports a foundational strategy to defeat any threat, anytime and anywhere.

Additionally, it clarifies the fundamental questions all Airmen must answer: “How do I fit into the Joint Force;” and “How can I ensure I hone and deliver my unique capabilities to assure its success?” This guide helps Airmen internalize what it means to fight jointly, understand the missions of the joint force, appreciate the joint organizations that are leading the fight, comprehend how to integrate into a joint warfighting environment, and identify how the Air Force fits into the joint construct.

"Airmen of tomorrow will be required to collaborate and communicate with our joint teammates to win in future complex and contested environments," said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr. "We owe our Airmen a solid foundation on jointness much earlier in their careers."

Developing and updating these guides was part of the 28 Enlisted Force Development Action Plan objectives focused on developing the future enlisted force. The new "Purple Book" can be found here. The revised “Brown Book” can be found here. The revised “Blue Book” can be found here.