Aug. 1 – Pulse on AF force management

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Featured in this force management update are details regarding civilian force management program expansions, ongoing officer force shaping boards and the upcoming reduction in force board.

Civilian force management - voluntary early retirement authority/voluntary separation incentive pay

The VERA/VSIP Round IV survey window opened July 21 and responses are due by Aug. 1, unless an earlier date is established by local civilian personnel sections. Round IV is largely focused on Headquarters Air Force-assigned civilian employees, primarily located in the national capital region. Civilians at some major command locations who could be impacted by these changes will also participate. The remaining MAJCOMs will participate in a subsequent round.

Applicants approved for this round of VERA/VSIP must separate no later than Sep. 30.

Force shaping board

Force shaping boards convened July 14 with 980 eligible officers (first lieutenant through captain) across 13 Air Force specialty codes. The total target for these boards is now reduced to 214. These numbers represent significant reductions from the last matrices posted in May, which showed 1,858 eligible officers with a target of more than 342. Original published numbers in January showed more the 4,600 eligible officers with involuntary targets at more than 1,100. The Air Force Personnel Center will provide commanders the FSB results for their Airmen in late August. Officers not selected for retention will separate by Dec. 31.

Temporary early retirement authority and voluntary separation pay

AFPC continued processing officer TERA and VSP applications for the window that closed June 30 with 309 applications received. The Air Force approved a total of 183 applications, which included 147 VSP and 36 TERA that were eligible for the latest voluntary window. This window was for officers eligible to meet the reduction in force board and officers whose Air Force specialty code and year group remain eligible for voluntary force management programs. Notifications were sent out last week to affected officers and their commanders.

Reduction in force board

The officer RIF board is scheduled to convene at the Air Force Personnel Center in early October. Revised RIF matrices for Line of the Air Force, Line of the Air Force Judge Advocate General and Health Professions were posted to myPers last week and included significant reductions in the number of officers eligible for the RIF and the number of losses needed through a RIF. The total target for these boards is now reduced to 468 with approximately 2,800 eligible. These numbers represent significant reductions from the last matrices posted in June, which showed 4,593 eligible officers with a target of 634.

Status of force management boards

The Enhanced Selective Early Retirement Boards, or ESERB and Enlisted Retention Boards, or ERB, are complete, and all senior raters of affected Airmen are working through the notification process. Those selected for non-retention through the boards will attend the congressionally-mandated Transition Assistance Program prior to all mandatory separation and retirement dates. For ESERB, officers must retire by Dec. 1. Senior NCOs identified for early retirement by the Senior NCO retention board must also retire by Dec. 1.

For ERB, Airmen must separate by Jan. 31, 2015, or retire by Feb. 1, 2015.

Continued service in the Guard and Reserve

Opportunities remain available for Airmen to continue serving while filling critical total force needs in an Air Reserve component. Interested Airmen should first contact their local in-service recruiter for additional information. They may also visit or call 800-257-1212 for the AFR or navigate to or call 800-TOGOANG for the ANG.


Updates to information on force management and other personnel programs will continue to be available on myPers. Airmen can also click the force management graphic on the Air Force Portal, which will take them to updated matrices and force management program details.

(Information courtesy of Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs)