Warrior Games Profile - Daniel Crane

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(Editor's Note: From September 28 to October 4, more than 40 athletes representing the Air Force will be in Colorado Springs competing in the 2014 Warrior Games. This is a profile of one of those athletes, providing a behind-the-scenes look at who they are and the sport they represent. Note: Some profile information in the graphics may be outdated due to recent birthdays or events. The most current player information is below.)


Name: Staff Sgt. Daniel Crane (Ret.)

Team: Invictus and Warrior Games
Sports: Archery, Shooting, Track and Field, and Swimming DOB: 09 Aug 1989
Birthplace: Omaha, NE
Hometown: San Angelo, TX
Current Residence: San Antonio, TX
Injury: Right arm amputee

Personal Profile:

Retired SSgt Daniel Crane joined the Air Force in November 2007 and graduated the Security Forces Technical Training School in April 2008. His first duty station was RAF Mildenhall, England, and while stationed there, he deployed to Al Udeid AB, Qatar for 7 months providing security for the base and base populous. He was then stationed to Incirlik AB, Turkey in June 2010 where he became the Base Defense Operations Controller and then became a part of the security forces squadron standardization & evaluation team in support of the Nuclear Surety Program. After his tour in Turkey, he was then tasked to the Contingency Response Group at Andersen AFB, Guam in October 2011. While stationed there, he was a Fire Team Leader and then became the Unit Training Manager for the 736th Security Forces Squadron. Nine months after being stationed there, he was targeted by an anti-U.S. military local from Guam who shot him while off-duty. He was medevac’d off island and has undergone numerous surgeries to save his arm. As of February 2014, he is now medically retired because of the lost function in his right arm and hand. In June of 2014, Crane chose to amputate his arm in order to achieve a better quality of life overall. He is currently living in San Antonio, Texas to go to school to become an animal behaviorist.

Personal/Professional Achievements:

2010 Security Forces Squadron Airman of the Year
2013 SouthWest Valor Games Gold Medalist – Air Pistol
2013 SouthWest Valor Games Gold Medalist – Archery
2013 SouthWest Valor Games Silver Medalist – Air Rifle
2014 Invictus Games Inspirational Award presented by HRH Prince Harry 2014 Invictus Games Bronze Medalist - Archery