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Services continue strong recruiting through September

WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- All four active services met or exceeded their numerical accession goals for fiscal year 2014 through September, and each service also exceeded Department of Defense quality benchmarks for new recruits, DOD officials announced Nov. 10.

Here are the active-component recruiting numbers for fiscal 2014 through September:

-- Army: 57,101 accessions, 100.2 percent of its goal of 57,000;

-- Navy: 33,765 accessions, 100 percent of its goal of 33,740;

-- Marine Corps: 26,018 accessions, 100.1 percent of its goal of 26,000; and

-- Air Force: 24,070 accessions, 100 percent of its goal of 24,068.

All four active services met their retention goals for fiscal 2014.

Meanwhile, four of the six reserve components met or exceeded their fiscal 2014 numerical accession goals. All six reserve components also met or exceeded the DOD quality benchmarks.

Here are the reserve component accession numbers for fiscal 2014 through September:

-- Army National Guard: 47,062 accessions, 98.3 of its goal of 47,900;

-- Army Reserve: 26,815 accessions, 91.5 percent of its goal of 29,313;

-- Navy Reserve: 3,987 accessions, 103 percent of its goal of 3,853;

-- Marine Corps Reserve: 8,333 accessions, 100 percent of its goal of 8,333;

-- Air National Guard: 10,011 accessions, 109.4 percent of its goal of 9,154; and

-- Air Force Reserve: 6,952 accessions, 142.6 percent of its goal of 4,875.

All reserve components have met their attrition goals or were within the allowed variance and that current trend is expected to continue, officials said, noting that availability of data for this indicator lags behind availability of accessions data.


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