Enlisted members selected for promotion to get EPR on "select" grade closeout date

  • Published
  • By Debbie Gildea
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
In line with a recent update to the Air Force policy on enlisted performance report static closeout dates (SCOD), effective immediately, all future EPRs for promotion-selectees will close out on the date of the promotion-select grade.

At the direction of Headquarters Air Force, Airmen promoted to technical sergeant between Dec. 1, 2014, and Jan. 31, 2015, and to staff sergeant between Feb. 1, 2015, and March 31, 2015, will receive an EPR with an April 30, 2015, closeout date.

These HAF-directed EPRs will serve as a one-time transition to ensure the impacted staff and technical sergeants have current evaluations on file, given their promotion-grade static closeout date has already passed.

"We received feedback from the field that there were many tech and staff sergeant selects who did not receive an EPR based on timing of their promotion and SCOD dates," said Col. Joe Atkins, the AFPC Operations Division chief. "The Air Force established a one-time EPR SCOD so these impacted Airmen who sewed on during those four months would not go almost 23 months without a performance report."

All other enlisted members with line numbers for promotion will have EPRs on the SCOD of the grade to which they will be promoted. As an example, a staff sergeant with a line number for promotion to technical sergeant will get an EPR on the Nov. 30 technical sergeant static closeout date, rather than on Jan. 31.

EPR SCODs are among changes to the enlisted evaluation promotion systems which have been implemented in stages since July 2014. Implementation will continue for the next year to two years for regular and Air Reserve Component forces.

Those Airmen impacted by the April 30 closeout date include 1,374 new staff sergeants and 1,086 new technical sergeants. Personal notifications to affected Airmen and their commanders are complete, and Air Force Personnel Center officials are working with military personnel sections to inform affected members' supervisors and commanders to ensure evaluations are completed.

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