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  • Deadline Feb. 22 for scholarship applications

    Applications for the 2011 Scholarships for Military Children program must arrive at a commissary by close of business Feb. 22. Eligible students must complete and deliver their application materials by that date. Scholarship applications are available in commissaries and online at

  • Air Force 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal training detailed

    Air Force officials will soon begin training Airmen in anticipation of the repeal of the law and policy commonly known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." This training will help Airmen understand what is expected in a post-repeal environment, said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz."I know our

  • Opportunities available in financial management

    Air Force line officers interested in applying for the Financial Management Leadership Program must submit their nominations to the Air Force Personnel Center by March 3.The four-year program specializes in Air Force leadership development by providing an opportunity for line officers outside of the

  • Air Force officials warn: 'Spice' harmful to health, career

    A recent spate of incidents involving service members abusing the herbal mixture "spice" has prompted uniformed service leaders to stress the ramifications of using the drug and other prohibited substances, officials said here Feb 11. Marketed and sold as incense, and closely resembling potpourri,

  • Air Force undersecretary lauds deployed Airmen, addresses force management

    Undersecretary of the Air Force Erin Conaton discussed the importance of regional partners, professionalism of Airmen and the service officials' ongoing efforts to maintain manning within congressionally authorized limits during a visit Feb. 8 through 9.Ms. Conaton's visit marked her first here as

  • ANG director: Equal opportunity is critical downrange

    The importance of leadership in equal opportunity was highlighted in the  Air National Guard director's message delivered to 87 National Guard and Reserve graduates of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute's Equal Opportunity Adviser Reserve Component Program Feb. 4."Our service members

  • CSAF visits Yokota, discusses changes in 2011

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz visited with more than 600 Airmen during an Airman's call Feb. 8 here.He addressed several Air Force and Defense Department issues, including force management and the repeal of the law commonly known as Don't Ask Don't Tell. During his remarks, the

  • General Schwartz talks past, present of special ops

    The U.S. has the world's most competent and most capable special operations forces thanks to the selfless dedication of countless U.S. special operations professionals over the years, according to the Air Force Chief of Staff.Gen. Norton Schwartz discussed the past and present of SOF at the National

  • Mullen: Military must plan for future transition

    Special operations forces today are the best the U.S. has ever had, and are a good example of the military's need to plan now for continued success in the future, the nation's highest-ranking officer said Feb. 8.Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke during the

  • Home-use programs provide software to Airmen

    Even after approximately eight hours of work per day, some Airmen are still compelled to bring their projects home. Because of this, Air Force officials have partnered with major software companies to provide Airmen with a variety of software products, such as anti-virus, middleware and desktop

  • Force shaping board details announced

    Officials are convening the 2011 Force Shaping Board May 9 at the Air Force Personnel Center here to consider officers for retention as part of the service's force management efforts to meet its end strength. This board is one of a variety of voluntary and involuntary measures being taken by service

  • Petraeus discusses troop transition options

    As the start of the drawdown of U.S. troops from Afghanistan approaches, Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the senior commander of U.S. and coalition forces there, said the transition of forces could take a number of forms."Progressively over time, obviously, we do want to reduce our numbers in specific

  • Air Force officials announce FY11 additional force management measures

    Air Force leaders announced involuntary force management programs Feb. 2 to reduce personnel as a supplement to the voluntary programs announced in December. These measures are part of the Air Force's multi-year Force Management Program aimed at shaping and sizing the force. With more Airmen

  • Air Force Reserve has opportunities for separating Airmen

    Air Force Reserve officials want separating Airmen to consider opportunities as a reservist.  Becoming a traditional reservist or an individual mobilization augmentee offers them the opportunity to pursue a civilian career and still serve their country.Traditional reservists join a Reserve unit,

  • Mullen: Workplace flexibility focuses on families, children

    Military families, and especially children in those families who have grown up against the backdrop of 10 years of war, are the focus of the military's effort to make workplace flexibility an increased priority, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said here Feb. 1.Navy Adm. Mike Mullen spoke

  • CSAF calls for more collaboration amid budget pressures

    Intense budget pressure, made worse by the failure to pass the fiscal 2011 defense appropriations bill, requires increased joint and total force collaboration across the U.S. military, according to the Air Force chief of staff. Gen. Norton Schwartz made the comments during remarks at the Reserve

  • Commissaries expand focus on health in 2011

    Customers who want to improve their health will have plenty of help at their local commissary as the new year rolls out a variety of special discounts, coupon booklets and giveaways."Our industry partners have joined together to offer our customers the most nutritious and delicious products for your

  • Officials to issue new camouflage uniforms to deployers

    Airmen deploying to Afghanistan in 2011 will see a new uniform issued to them as part of their deployment gear beginning in March. While Airmen have been faced with a slew of uniform changes in recent years, this new uniform is not a matter of image or heritage but instead has resulted from a joint

  • WMD program available for officers, civilians

    Officials are seeking nominations to participate in the Program for Emerging Leaders and the study of weapons of mass destruction.Officials from the Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction at the National Defense University recently announced the professional development opportunity that