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  • Preventing discrimination key to success

    Successfully accomplishing an organization's mission is critical.It takes a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who can focus all their energy on maximizing the goals that support our ability to do America's business any time and in any place. We all know this takes hard work to accomplish, even in the best of conditions.One of the
  • Reservist discusses deployment

    Editor's Note: The following are observations by a B-52 weapons loader from Air Force Reserve Command's 917th Wing about his experiences in the war on terrorism and how it feels to be home, for the moment.The countries blended together with every fuel stop, but the anticipation of the final landing caused my heart to race. Faces filled the
  • I didn't know that!

    I saw an e-mail that one of our warriors sent to his family and friends recently. I didn't spy on the guy; I simply read the private e-mail to his family in a nationally syndicated newspaper column.From that e-mail and some Web sites several of our folks have established to keep family members updated -- to find them, just search for the base's
  • AEF rotation policy remains unchanged

    Air Force policy for aerospace expeditionary force rotations remains unchanged. Most airmen will be vulnerable for a 3-month rotation followed by a 12-month period before the next rotation. However, the combination of multiple crisis operations and our ongoing steady state commitments has placed extraordinary stress on the Expeditionary Air Force
  • A lighthouse called America

    Everyone is an individual beacon of dedication to our country and values. Combined, our beacons become a lighthouse for the entire world to see.A lighthouse for all free people. A lighthouse guiding us and those who reside in the most forlorn regions of the world. When we stand tall and do the right thing, we light the way ahead and others
  • Airman expresses pride, honor to military

    When I dress in the morning, I try to remember I wear the uniform of a military that protects the greatest symbol of democracy and freedom in the world.But sometimes, I forget.I also try to remember people who dress as I do every morning, the ones who have dressed this way so many days before me, and those who will follow me.But, sometimes, I
  • A Goodbye to Nate

    The last time I saw Army Special Forces Sgt. 1st Class Nathan Chapman he was getting his Airborne wings from the commandant of the Army's Airborne School at Fort Benning, Ga. He and I were going through the same school. He was looking forward to a career with Special Forces. The way he explained it to me was that if we weren't willing to go to the
  • Image setting goes beyond uniform wear

    They were young and in a hurry.It didn't take much by looking at them to draw a few obvious conclusions. Short haircuts and unit logos on the sweatshirts gave them away. That's what made the events harder to understand.Maybe they were going home on leave for the first time in a long while. Maybe they had just returned from "over there" and were
  • Families can overcome stress from separation

    The global-reach capability of the Expeditionary Air Force is an exciting change to our Air Force culture. However, with EAF comes separation from home and family.As a commander, the results of that painful separation are all too clear when my first sergeant and I assist families in coping with separation-related problems.The Air Force has
  • Air Force secretary, chief send holiday greetings

    This holiday season marks the end of an emotional year for all Americans; a time reserved for reflecting on past events, counting blessings, and looking to the future and the promise of the New Year.While the tragic events of Sept. 11 weigh heavily on the hearts of all Americans, our spirit continues to rise from the ashes of New York, Washington,


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