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  • Choose substance, not flash

    Recently I had the privilege to attend a promotion ceremony for a young troop who had just sewn on his staff sergeant stripes. It has been a privilege to watch him the past several years, and I've been impressed with his motivation, skill, and dedication at every turn.During the ceremony, I thought back to a former supervisor and the lesson I
  • Don't think 'somewhere else' is always better

    A friend recently made a statement that stuck in my mind. He said, "The two best bases I've ever been to are the base I just came from and the one I'm going to next."When I thought about it, I realized I am also guilty of making statements like this. I have been known to say, "I wish I could go back to high school" or "I can't wait to get orders
  • Are you ready? Prepare, listen, work hard

    With the Expeditionary Air and Space Force in full swing, we all know it is possible to deploy on short notice to remote and underdeveloped places that some of us have never heard of. Are you really ready to go if you get that call today? If you prepare, listen and work hard, you will be.Here are some questions I've heard people ask:Why do I need
  • Taking care of people makes mission happen

    I've seen many examples of good leadership helping accomplish the mission while serving as a squadron commander here.I observed this at all levels ranging from the supervisor of junior enlisted members to senior leadership. While the circumstances varied, one thing was constant: the desire to take care of people.Effective supervisors, leaders and
  • Teacher sends pupil on 'road less traveled'

    One of my elementary teachers, Mrs. Lovell, made a huge impact on my life.She was the kind of teacher who taught us so much more than the three Rs. She taught us about life.I remember one day when she showed us slides of her family vacation in Hawaii. Some showed the USS Arizona Memorial with its rusty turrets peering from the sea, the oil
  • Mentorship gives everyone chance for growth

    There's no question, I would not be a chief today if it weren't for my first mentor in the Air Force. The year was 1986. I was stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz.I was a young technical sergeant without a plan -- somewhat stagnant -- and not really concerned with where I'd be in five, 10, or 15 years. The group
  • I'm here to serve

    I needed a job, and I was thinking about enlisting.My father, a retired Navy chief, recommended the Air Force. He's never said if he was looking out for me or the Navy. He also talked about it not being a regular job, the importance of country, the significance of duty, sacrifice and honor, living with a purpose and the seriousness of weapons,
  • How to distinguish yourself from the pack

    The fourth quarter and annual award deadlines have come and gone. The question lingers: What does it take to be recognized? For commanders, recognition is a hot-button issue.Why is it so contentious? For officers and enlisted people, recognition as a quarterly or annual award winner can be a bullet on a performance report, a stratifying statement.
  • Contributions ease stress in time of need

    For more than 22 years, nearly the whole of my professional life, I have never defaulted on a loan, been late with a payment or needed help to pay my bills. I'm quite proud of that achievement. However, a serious family illness 18 months ago put me face to face with an emotional and financial challenge I didn't quite know how to handle. I will be
  • Preventing discrimination key to success

    Successfully accomplishing an organization's mission is critical.It takes a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who can focus all their energy on maximizing the goals that support our ability to do America's business any time and in any place. We all know this takes hard work to accomplish, even in the best of conditions.One of the


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RT @30thSpaceWing: #DYK –VAFB is partially powered by a 200 acre, 28MW solar array, reducing its electrical demand by 35%, saving the base…
RT @WrightPattAFB: An @AFResearchLab team recently delivered version 2.0 of the Survival Health Awareness Responders Kit (SHARK) to @usairf
Watch the video of Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett being sworn in. Click the link to learn more about… https://t.co/agE0mT2cFj
RT @EsperDoD: Congratulations to Barbara Barrett, the 25th @SecAFOfficial. I know she will lead the charge to modernize @usairforce operati…
RT @GenDaveGoldfein: It’s a great day to be an Airman. Today Barbara Barrett officially became our 25th @SecAFOfficial. The men and women…
RT @DeptofDefense: Fill em up! ⛽ KC-135 Stratotankers from @RAFMildenhall refueled over 80 F-15s in a two-day exercise, offloading 480,000…
RT @SecAFOfficial: Today I officially became the 25th Secretary of the #AirForce. I'm conscious of the extraordinary privilege of working w…
RT @HQUSAFEPA: #BomberTaskForceEurope 20-1 is in full swing and B-52s from @TeamBarksdale are operating out of RAF Fairford to improve bomb…
RT @EsperDoD: During #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth, I challenge all @DeptofDefense employees to stay committed, ensuring they are following…
RT @AirNatlGuard: Special Delivery! ✈️📦 The @109thAW teamed up with the @RCAF_ARC for Operation Boxtop, an annual resupply mission to suppo…
We strive to increase our Airmen's lethality and capabilities. Learn about firefighters leading the cost-effective… https://t.co/Nrgx3BSrtl
RT @EsperDoD: Congratulations to Barbara Barrett for her overwhelming bipartisan confirmation by @SenateGOP & @SenateDems to be the 25th Se…
Gen. Stephen Wilson visited Houston to help #SpaceCity celebrate #AstronautWeek. He visited @spacecenterhouston and… https://t.co/Nymvd98qvQ
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RT @GenDaveGoldfein: This is an exciting day for our Air Force. Secretary Barrett brings an incredible background and a level of strategic…
The Senate has confirmed the 25th Secretary of the Air Force, Barbara Barrett. https://t.co/Y6kDGD5eds