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  • The flag: True patriotism or just another fad?

    I'm a proud member of the United States military. My family's military lineage dates back at least as far as my grandfather's service during World War II. My father and several uncles faithfully served during the Vietnam War. I have continued that tradition by proudly serving in Operation Desert Storm and other recent contingencies.What encouraged
  • What's the value of a military community?

    A document I received with my leave and earnings statement has caused me to think about something I've taken for granted for years -- the value of being part of a military community.The "Statement of Military Compensation" outlined my military pay and summarized the worth of military benefits as "indirect compensation." Like everyone, I was happy
  • Military character vital to fighting America's wars

    As members of the U.S. Air Force, we have all solemnly sworn to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and faithfully perform our duties.Such a tremendous responsibility demands individuals with strong character -- character that all who wear the uniform take great pride in. Our character is defined by our distinctive moral beliefs, ethical
  • Ground Zero visit brings mixed feelings

    I've been to New York City before, but at the end of September I saw a different place. The events of Sept. 11 changed my previously scheduled visit. I spent two days there. I had to see Ground Zero. My feelings were very mixed about why I had to go there, and what my purpose was, but I knew that I would go. Since I already was in Manhattan, I
  • What's your favorite color?

    "Mommy, what's your favorite color?" asked my 8-year-old daughter, Noelani, while coloring another picture to add to the collage on my kitchen cabinets."I don't have a favorite ... I like them all" is my usual reply since she began asking me a thousand times ago. Usually, she anticipates my answer and just smiles an "I thought you'd say that"
  • Times call for leaders to provide, receive support

    As we wage our war on terrorism, we must remember that, although training, education and equipment enable us to execute effectively, the traits of basic discipline and positive leadership will ensure we succeed.It is extremely important that all leaders continue to exhibit these qualities. It is also just as important that we maintain commitment to
  • Americans live the dream, guard the homeland

    As we watched the horrific events of Sept. 11 unfold, we witnessed the first major attack on the continental United States since the War of 1812. We asked ourselves, "What can we do?"For those of us in the military that question was answered for us. We are at war against terrorism. We will either provide support for those who are deployed or
  • Character forms essence of true heroes

    As I reflect upon the Sept. 11 attacks on our great country, I have to ask: what intangibles do we possess to carry us through this terrible crisis? What provides us with our courage, strength, faith and resolve? What makes us who we are?The answer is our character.Character can be described in many different ways, but there is one person that
  • We all can stand against hate

    The unthinkable happened Sept. 11 -- a tragedy of such huge proportions that it cannot be fully understood. Air Force people, like the rest of our nation, asked why.We may never know the full extent of what motivated such acts of terrorism, but we do know the United States became the victim of the ultimate hate crime that day. Even as an
  • Quality of military life a matter of perspective

    I'm constantly reminded of why I choose to stay in the military and why others don't. It's a matter of perspective.I hear young and old airmen say things like the medical care isn't as good as it used to be or our benefits are going down the drain. I have even found myself grumbling from time to time. Then, I remember my mother.My mother raised


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