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  • Retired colonel's daughter reflects on military life

    (Editor's note: This article is adapted from comments Ms. Kelly Kirsteatter made at her father's retirement ceremony. Col. Gary Kirsteatter served as chief of the combat support division at the Aerospace Expeditionary Force Center, Langley Air Force Base, Va., before retiring after 27 years of service. Ms. Kirsteatter is the deputy director of the
  • Let's recognize those who choose to stay in

    Every day, on any military base, there's an announcement about a retirement ceremony for Lt. Col. So-and-so or Master Sgt. What's-his-name.Last year, within two months, I went to six retirement ceremonies. During the ceremonies, the soon-to-be civilians were presented mementos and medals to honor their distinguished Air Force careers. Rightfully
  • Command chief impressed with Lackland pride

    My wife Jinnae held the phone without saying a word and simply let me ramble on and on with endless excitement like a small child calling his grandparents on a Christmas morning to describe every toy he'd gotten and how they all work. You see, I was calling her from my lodging room at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, where I had just been blessed
  • Is one night of fun worth this?

    I'm writing this article to inform and warn people firsthand what happened to me.My name is Amber Chaffey, and, until recently, I was an airman 1st class. I came to Langley Air Force Base from technical school. When I first got here I made some really bad decisions.The first weekend I was here I took ecstasy with an airman living in the dorm; the
  • 30 Reasons Never to Leave Air Force

    I'm going to tell you why I'll never willingly leave this great Air Force.A few weeks ago, my first child was born, more than 8,000 miles away in Virginia. He was born on the living room floor of our house, a month early, to the great surprise of his mother and me. Both mom and baby are doing very well, and now I get to bask in the pride and
  • Those left behind wonder: Why?

    "Bob's dead." The words are as fresh in my mind today as the day 10 years ago when my wife said them to me while I sat in the barber's chair at the base exchange.As the base's casualty-assistance representative, many thoughts ran through my head. What happened? Was anyone else involved? How did it happen? Who's doing the casualty reporting? Who's
  • Spring into 101 Critical Days of Summer

    "Spring into 101 Critical Days of Summer" is not just another safety campaign, but rather a time for us to think about and prepare for the summer and schedule our activities accordingly.By planning ahead of time, we can do a much better job of anticipating the many challenges we'll face as we try to balance personal, family and Air Force
  • Acting Secretary of the Air Force Bids Farewell

    As I prepare to step down as Acting Secretary, I leave filled with renewed optimism and assurance that the world's greatest Air Force is capable of handling our nation's future challenges.The world continues to change rapidly, and our total aerospace force of active duty, Guard, Reserve, and civilians has consistently proven we can accept change,


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