Turkey partners with U.S. in war on terrorism

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  • By 1st Lt. Rose Richeson
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
In just three days, forces from the United States, Turkey and Afghanistan worked together on a joint mission to transport more than 135,000 pounds of Turkish equipment and supplies from Incirlik Air Base to Kabul AB, Afghanistan. 

The Turkish equipment was loaded onto an American C-17 Globemaster III assigned to the 385th Air Expeditionary Group here. 

The supplies, including two helicopters, an ambulance, a tractor and numerous shipping containers, were loaded by an assortment of Reserve, Guard and active-duty Airmen who make up the 728th Air Mobility Squadron. 

"My team was responsible for loading and securing the equipment before transport," said Staff Sgt. James Pickel, a 728th AMS ramp services shift supervisor. 

The loading process can take up to several hours and is typically done five to six hours prior to take off, Sergeant Pickel said. His three-man team was able to load one-third of the total cargo for this mission in just under two hours April 16. 

"This (mission) goes toward strengthening the special relationship between the United States and Turkey and gives us more to build on in the future," said Maj. Douglas Edwards, an 817th Air Expeditionary Group C-17 pilot. 

"The equipment we delivered today, and the equipment that we will continue to bring in the future effects the broader success of the war on terrorism," he said.

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