Incirlik Airmen test life-saving skills

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. John Anderson
  • Detachment 7, Air Force News Agency
Incirlik AB Airmen went one step further in an attack response exercise Feb. 8.

Exercise Evaluation Team members added scenarios that challenged base Airmen with making the decisions that could save lives in the field. 

While still in mobility mission oriented protective posture gear, Airmen had to tend to casualties and perform self aid and buddy care.

"Hands on is key for our training," said Master Sgt. Darryl Combs, an EET member. "The more experience and the more realistic we can make it, the better off they're going to be."

Under the watchful eyes of an exercise evaluation team, Airmen went by the book to save the casualties.

"This was a new experience for me," said Tech. Sgt. Gabriel Grasso, who participated in the exercise. "I've been in exercises before, but with the self aid buddy care part, it was looking pretty real to me."

As the Air Force continues to expand its expeditionary role, Airmen need this training more now than ever. 

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