Contamination control area helps Airmen 'clean up'

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Szu-Moy Ruiz
  • Detachment 7, Air Force News Agency
One of the ways Incirlik AB Airmen prepared for their upcoming Unit Compliance Inspection was setting up a simulated contamination control area March 1. 

The contamination control area allows Airmen exposed to hazards from biological to chemical agents to come "clean" in a controlled environment.

The exercise not only helps Airmen prepare for the UCI, but also for possible real-world threats.

"The (contamination control area) is a vital part of this exercise," said Staff Sgt. Johanna Kelly. "It keeps potentially contaminated personnel away from the local clean population and basically helps us survive." 

"The (contamination control area) allows us to get personnel processed back in the fight as quickly as possible," said Airman 1st Class Jeffrey Harlan.

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