Incirlik Airmen practice emergency response

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Tom Kennedy
  • Det. 7, Air Force News Agency
A simulated 6.2 earthquake shook Incirlik Air Base April 2 causing casualties and destruction, and base Airmen rushed into action.  

This exercise simulated a serious threat in this earthquake-active area and tested the readiness of base Airmen.

A key element of the earthquake was the mass casualty exercise as people with mock injuries poured into the base's medical clinic. 

"If you don't practice, you won't know how your team will function," said Capt. David Gordon, a staff family physician and one of the doctors participating in the exercise. "If you don't prepare for this, you don't know where to find your resources, exercises like this one keep you ready for real world situations." 

The clinic staff doesn't fly airplanes, but their duties are no less important. 

"We are part of the mission of the Air Force," Captain Gordon said. "We're not loading planes or flying to Iraq or Afghanistan, but we are here for mass casualty situations and we are here to take care of the troops."

While base Airmen responded to calls for assistance, they also learned lessons they can use should a real natural disaster occur here.

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