Air Force announces selection process for officer instructor and recruiting special duty assignments

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  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Air Force announced that beginning in April 2019, officers will be screened and selected for formal instructor and recruiting special duty positions.

This latest modification, which is one of many improvements to how the Air Force manages talent, is designed to ensure education, training and recruiting is the best it can be.

“Being an instructor or recruiter helps to shape the future force, but, in the past, we have not rewarded officers who do this important work,” said Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson. “We gave it lip service. We’re changing that. This is just one more part of our effort to improve the way we develop, assign, evaluate and promote Airmen.”

Similar to previous efforts for enlisted developmental special duty, promotion boards will value these leadership experiences and the Air Force will offer incentives to those who participate.

“We need inspirational leaders throughout our Air Force and this begins with recruiting and instructing our Airmen,” said Air Force Chief of Staff David L. Goldfein.

“As well, our officers who serve in formal instructor and recruiting positions gain tremendous insight and leadership development as they invest in our next generation of warfighters,” Goldfein said. “As we move forward, we will only select those officers who demonstrate the highest character and competence.”

In April 2019, the Air Force will publish guidance that outlines the changes to the nomination and selection process for instructor and recruiting special duties. Institutional instructor and recruiting positions will involve senior rater nomination and a central screening board, and functional instructor positions will require selection by development teams.

“Incentivizing these positions for officers is part of our evolving talent management system,” said Lt. Gen. Brian Kelly, Air Force Manpower, Personnel and Services deputy chief of staff. “It’s our job to deliver lethal and ready Airmen—they remain our competitive advantage and we need each Airman to reach his or her full potential. We’re really focused on making the right adaptations to ensure we are enabling a system that is simple, transparent, agile and responsive to the Air Force’s and Airmen’s needs.”

Eligible officers who are interested in applying should log into MyVECTOR and update their initial preferences. The application window will open April 15 and close May 24. Senior raters are required to endorse their officers in order for their applications to be submitted to the central board.

Starting in 2020, these opportunities will be added to the Officer Selection Brief and SecAF Memorandum of Instruction for officers who have previously served or are serving in formal instructor and recruiting special duties.

Other incentives will include deployment exemptions, two-year assignments (where possible), alma mater preference for ROTC assignments (when possible) and follow-on assignment preferences (as determined by the Airman’s respective career field). Further details on these new processes and incentives will be announced by the Air Force Personnel Center.

In recent months, the Air Force has rolled out similar initiatives under the talent management umbrella, including modifications to the High Year of Tenure policy, the Intermediate Developmental Education selection process, a review of the overhauled Enlisted Evaluation System and the removal of promotion testing for senior non-commissioned officers.

Airmen can expect more modifications to the talent management system over the coming months, to include significant changes to the way it categorizes and promotes Line of the Air Force officers, as well as implementing a streamlined version of the officer promotion recommendation form.

Air Force leadership is continually reviewing, and when necessary, modifying the way they manage, develop, assign and promote Airmen.

To learn more about the Officer Instructor & Recruiting Special Duties assignment process log into MyPers or contact AFPC.