Air Force announces specific specialties for 20OT03 OTS selection board

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  • By Air Force Recruiting Service Public Affairs
With a change in end-strength requirements and individual career field needs, the Air Force is targeting specific specialties for the upcoming 20OT03 Officer Training School selection board scheduled for May 18-22.


Packages for the first civilian/military combined non-rated line officer board will be due May 1, for the May selection board that will target the following Air Force Specialty Codes:

  1. 13S - Space Operations
  2. 15W - Weather
  3. 32EXA - Architect/Architectural Engineer
  4. 32EXC - Civil Engineer
  5. 32EXE - Electrical Engineer
  6. 32EXG - General Engineer
  7. 62EXE - Electrical/Electronic Engineer


Applicants will only be allowed to submit applications for these AFSCs if they meet the specific education/degree major requirements below. The only exception to these specific education requirements are for current Air Force enlisted members who hold the 1C6 AFSC. If they do, education/degree major requirements may be waived.

If applying for:

Degree major must be one of the following:

13S - Space Operations

Aerospace Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Astronautical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Systems Engineering

Space Systems Operations

Astronomy and Astrophysics

15W - Weather

Atmospheric Sciences (must meet BIP-M Standards)

Meteorology (must meet BIP-M Standards)

32EXA - Architect/Architectural Engineer


Architectural Engineering

32EXC - Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering

32EXE - Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering

32EXG - General Engineer

Architectural Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Health Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Construction Engineering

Industrial Engineering

62EXE - Electrical/Electronic Engineer

Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering


The next non-rated OTS board is scheduled to occur in February 2021. However, two rated boards are scheduled for August and November of 2020. Those interested in becoming an Air Force officer are encouraged to apply for the rated boards.

For more information concerning OTS and the application process, active-duty members should visit the AFRS OTS  page on the Air Force Portal; civilians should contact the nearest Air Force Officer Accessions recruiter.