AGR program changes on the horizon

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  • Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs

In line with Lt. Gen. John Healy’s strategic priorities of “Ready Now!” and “Transforming for the Future,” Air Force Reserve Command is instituting changes to the Active Guard and Reserve program effective Oct. 1.

On that day, roughly 6,000 AGR positions will complete the transition to “term” and have initial tour determination and extension approval authority at the wing commander level. Career status will be granted at six cumulative years of service in the AGR program.

“The AGR program will continue to provide promotion, career progression, retention, education and professional development opportunities for Reserve Citizen Airmen,” said Healy, chief of the Air Force Reserve and commander of AFRC. “Taking care of our Airmen will remain our priority during the transition as commanders ensure they have the critical AGR positions filled to be combat ready to meet operational demands in the future.”

As always, the program may lead to Airmen earning an active-duty retirement after attaining the required years of total active federal military service.

Career AGRs who wish to remain in the AGR program will continue to adhere to existing guidance and will accept permanent change of station, permanent change of assignment, training, developmental education and force development opportunities in accordance with Air Force Manual 36-2114, section 6.6.

AGR term positions were successfully introduced in 2019, and provide more agility in recruiting, retaining and managing AGR talent. After three years of implementation and review, AFR leadership is instituting changes to the AGR program. The transformation is part of AFRC’s mission and compliance with Healy’s task order “to ensure units are mission ready and properly resourced.”

Wing commanders, or their equivalent, will have tour length determination and extension approval authority. In the past, initial term tours were fixed at three years, with an extension up to five years requiring Deputy Commander, Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC/CD) or Deputy to the Chief, Air Force Reserve (AF/RE-D) approval. Now, advertisements for initial tour lengths – two, three, four or five years – will be determined by wing commanders and above. Tour extensions may not exceed a total tour length of five years.

The second change will remove the AGR career status option from the AGR continuation decision process. AGR members will be granted career status after completion of six cumulative years in the AGR program, in accordance with Department of Defense Instruction 1205.18, section 6.6.

Over the next month, communication will be provided through virtual town hall meetings, Facebook Live events, email and MyPers messages, and updates to command social media sites regarding the AGR changes.

For additional information, elevate any questions through your Numbered Air Force A1 staff or Headquarters Commander Support Staff.