Academy releases non-rated career field selections

  • Published
  • By Don Branum
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs
The Air Force Academy's Manpower and Personnel Directorate released statistics Nov. 18 on cadets selected by the Air Force Personnel Center for non-rated Air Force careers.

Of the 453 Air Force Academy cadets classified into non-rated career fields, which are career fields not directly related to flying aircraft, roughly half received their first choice, said Laurie Carroll, the Academy's Manpower and Personnel director.

"When the Air Force classifies cadets into their career field, preference is considered as an important factor," Carroll said. "However, (the) Air Force needs take precedence. Ensuring Air Force mission needs are met sometimes means fewer cadets receive their top career field choices, but where possible, we consider individual preferences."

In addition to the cadets who received their first choice, 18 percent received their second choice, and 9 percent received their third choice. In all, four out of five cadets entering a non-rated Air Force specialty received an Air Force specialty code out of their top three preferences, Carroll said.

Nearly 70 cadets were selected for acquisition management careers, with a nearly equal number selected for nuclear and missile operations, according to the classification results. More than 50 cadets will become intelligence officers after graduation, with approximately 40 cadets entering cyberspace operations and about 30 going into space operations.

Below is the number of cadets selected for specific career fields, ordered by Air Force specialty code.

Code Specialty Selected

13C1 Special Tactics 2
13L1 Air Liaison Officer 4
13M1 Airfield Operations 2
13N1 Nuclear and Missile 65

13S1 Space Operations 33
14N1 Intelligence 51
15W1 Weather 3
17D1 Cyberspace Operations 39
21A1 Aircraft Maintenance 15
21M1 Munitions and Missile 5

21R1 Logistics Readiness 18
31P1 Security Forces 5
32E1C Civil Engineer 1
32E1G Civil Engineer - General 17
35P1 Public Affairs 6
38P1 Force Support 28
41A1 Health Professions 4
61A1 Operations Research 11

61B1 Behavioral Science/Human 3
Factors Scientist
61C1 Chemist/Nuclear Chemist 3
61D1 Physicist/Nuclear Engineer 3
62E1 Developmental Engineer 34
63A1 Acquisition Manager 66
64P1 Contracting 16
65F1 Financial Management 16
71S Office of Special Investigations 4