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  • Andersen AFB saves $25 million with contamination cleanup concept

    Members of the 36th Civil Engineer Squadron Environmental Flight are working on containing contamination to protect the environment at Site 14 here.The site, located in the southeastern corner of the base, was contaminated with harmful substances such as polychlorinated biphenyl and asbestos since

  • New runway rubber removal system debuts in Southwest Asia

    The Air Force Civil Engineer Center in conjunction with the Air Force Research Laboratory recently introduced a first-of-its-kind runway rubber removal system for use at remote airfields.The device, which uses a retrofitted Unimog designed for transport to airfields in austere areas of Southwest

  • Civil engineers meet with industry to develop partnerships

    The newly established Air Force Civil Engineer Center hosted its first industry day Jan. 15 in San Antonio.Maj. Gen. Timothy Byers, the Air Force civil engineer, and Joe Sciabica, Air Force Civil Engineer Center director, addressed more than 350 industry professionals about the future of Air Force

  • Solar power lights up Southwest Asia

    Air Force leaders are continually looking for means to do things leaner and cleaner, even in deployed locations.It probably goes unnoticed by most people here, but solar-powered light carts are paving the road to an environmentally friendlier future in Southwest Asia. These new light carts save the

  • Air Force officials complete environmental restoration

    The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued a closure letter Nov. 1, for the environmental restoration of a site located 4.5 miles southwest of the flightline here, where a B-47 plane crashed in 1958.On Nov. 4, 1958, a B-47 carrying one nuclear bomb caught fire while taking off from Dyess

  • New Medical Clinic Opens Doors Strengthening U.S. Kyrgyz Partnership

    Service members from the Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan, in partnership with representatives from the U.S. Embassy Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Health and residents of the Nizhne-Chuysk Village gathered on Nov. 15, to celebrate the grand opening of the village's new medical clinic. The

  • Air Force announces 2012 Design Award winners

    Maj. Gen. Timothy A. Byers, The Air Force Civil Engineer, announced the winners of the 2012 Air Force Design Awards Nov. 13."These winning projects represent the Air Force's continued commitment to providing quality facilities that are truly 'resource efficient' and built to last," Byers said in his

  • AF, China's PLA physicians gather for first-ever acupuncture exchange

    At the invitation of China's People Liberation Army, Air Force medical physicians, along-side their Chinese military and civilian counterparts, conducted the first-ever Medical Acupuncture and Battlefield Medicine Subject Matter Expert Exchange in Beijing, China, on Oct. 21-27. The exchange,

  • New vehicular device saves money Air Force-wide

    All government-owned and general service administration vehicles at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas,  are scheduled to receive an automotive information module, or AIM2.AIM2 is a device that collects real-time data that will help fleet managers avoid wasting fuels and stop emissions

  • New LED fixtures light the way

    For close to two years, almost half of the street lights and parking lot lights on Peterson AFB have been disabled in an effort to cut energy costs. This past summer, the lights started coming back on in anticipation of new light-emitting diode fixtures being purchased.According to Jim Jacobsen,

  • Hurricane relief mission hits home with N.J. Reservists

    After the historic Hurricane Sandy battered New York and New Jersey, Airmen from across the country answered the call for help, but for the Airmen of one Reserve wing, those calls for help were coming from friends, family and neighbors.Most of the Airmen assigned to the 514th Air Mobility Wing at

  • 90th EARS participates in Feast of Sacrifice

    Though some may find it intimidating to step boldly into a foreign land, many choose to embrace their unfamiliar surroundings and experience what the region has to offer.Recently, Airmen from the 90th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron plunged into local culture by participating in some of the

  • Connecticut Guard has answer for Sandy

    Approximately 850 members from the Connecticut Army and Air National Guard here and around the state were called up for state active duty Oct. 31 in response to the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Guardsmen were involved with initial emergency response preparations as early as Oct. 27 in preparation

  • Thule boilers save big in first year

    In 2011, five exhaust boilers were installed at Thule Air Base, Greenland, to decrease the amount of JP-8 fuel used for heating the base and ultimately, save money. Thule AB has five locomotive-style engines in its M-Plant that generate electricity for the base, said Randy Pieper, 21st Civil

  • Air Force adopts mascot in the 'Win the War Against Waste' campaign

    The Air Force has a new mascot to help its recycling awareness campaign and fight against solid waste.CHUCK-IT, the recycling mascot, targets children between the ages of 5 and 12 and is the latest addition to the "Win the War Against Waste" tool kit -- an outreach campaign developed to support the

  • Construction of second runway continues at Osan, South Korea

    A second runway for Osan Air Base is under construction as U.S. and Republic of Korea officials continue to work together to have it up and running by 2013.With oversight from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the ROK Ministry of National Defense's Defense Installations Agency has been working since

  • Cape Cod wind turbines help Air Force top DOD energy goals

    Change is blowing into Cape Cod Air Force Station as the 6th Space Warning Squadron receives two new wind turbines here saving an estimated $1 million in annual energy costs. The new wind turbines are expected to cut the station's energy cost by 50 percent after the project's expected completion

  • AETC awards Sheppard $10.5 million

    Brig. Gen. Michael Fantini, 82nd Training Wing commander, announced last week that Sheppard Air Force Base would receive more than $10 million in funds from Air Education and Training Command to support several demolition and renovation projects on the base, reinforcing the Cost Conscious Culture,

  • Airmen build, repair houses at North Pole

    Eielson volunteers donned hard-hats and wielded construction equipment recently to help build housing for local Alaskans through the nonprofit program Habitat for Humanity.Members from the 354th Contracting Squadron volunteered with the program, which operates on a global scale to build houses for