Air Force announces FY23 Legacy Aviation Bonus Program

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  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

Eligible active-duty aviators have until Sept. 15 to apply for the fiscal year 2023 Aviation Bonus Program; Air Force officials announced the Legacy Aviation Bonus Program will open June 6.

The Legacy AvB Program builds upon the previous years' offers to decisively shape and retain experienced rated officers to meet Air Force retention, training and mission-readiness requirements to maintain lethality of the force. Specific communities of pilots, RPA pilots, air battle managers and combat systems officers are eligible for monetary incentives in exchange for active duty service commitments.

“Reliable personnel forecasts allow the Air Force to continue executing the warfighting mission,” said Maj. Gen. Albert Miller, Air Force Training and Readiness director. “Our experienced aviators are uniquely qualified to succeed in a combat environment and these incentives are necessary to maintain that talent and competitiveness with our pacing challenge.”

Significant changes to the FY23 Legacy AvB Program include an increase in the monetary cap from $35,000 per year up to $50,000 per year for eligible officers.

The FY23 AvB Program applies to aviators with an Undergraduate Flying Training Active Duty Service Commitment expiring in FY23 or earlier. Aviators currently on an AvB contract will not be able to renegotiate for a higher amount in this year.

Separate from the Legacy AvB Program, the FY23 National Defense Authorization Act directs the Air Force to execute a Rated Officer Retention Demonstration Program, allowing active-duty manned pilots with no more than three years, but not less than one year, remaining to sign a contract for the maximum monetary amount one to two fiscal years prior to the fiscal year their UFT ADSC commitment expires.

FY23 will be a transition year for the Air Force. The maximum contract amount of $50,000 per year offered under the Legacy Program this year will not be offered next year.  Instead, the maximum contract amount will only be offered under the demonstration program.

Complete eligibility requirements and application instructions will be available on the AvB tile on the myFSS website Welcome Page ( when the application window opens June 6.