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U.S. Air Force News

  • First woman to lead air campaign

    In early 2011, the world watched in horror as the aging dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi turned his weapons against his own people in what became a bloody civil war in the North African state of Libya. Soon, the Libyan army was bearing down on Benghazi, the second largest city in the country, threatening

  • Medic shows courage after rocket attack

    Three weeks after arriving to her deployed location in Afghanistan, insurgents showered then-Tech. Sgt. Angela Blue's base with 80-millimeter mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and machine gun fire.During the attack, she received a radio request to report to the Afghan National Army side of the

  • AF to implement force structure changes

    The Air Force released its plan Mar. 28 to implement force structure changes mandated by the Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. The bill authorized the service to complete actions approved in previous years, such as aircraft retirements, and directed execution of

  • Recruit about to do 'something amazing'

    When Airman Kaycee J. Franco thinks about women's history month, she'll think of it as the month that she began making her own personal piece of Air Force history -- receiving the Air Force Airman's Coin, graduating basic training and becoming an Airman.As Franco stood with her fellow trainees on

  • Blue Horizons: War College students look at 2035

    Each spring, a select group of Air War College students meet for BOGSAT sessions and collaborate in "murder boards" to help Air Force leaders make decisions on how the service will adapt to technological changes in the next quarter of a century. For the past five years, Blue Horizons has

  • Moon landing jump starts general's own space legacy

    When Neil Armstrong made history with man's first footsteps on the moon, Susan Helms needed a little nudging from her mom to get excited. And get excited she did. She realized that there would never be another first step on the moon, and even as a young 11-year-old, knew the feat was something

  • Congress reviews reserve forces equipment needs

    Senior Army and Air Force leaders for the Reserve and National Guard were on Capitol Hill to testify March 19 and answer questions about updating and replacing their combat-worn equipment.Chairman Michael Turner, R-Ohio, and Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., led the hearing at the House Armed Services

  • Air Force rabbi 'one of her kind'

    Minutes before sunset on Friday, she lowers her head and covers her face in prayer. Her hands are illuminated by the faint glow of the Shabbat candles, each flame representing and honoring a family member.As the week comes to a close, Capt. Sarah Schechter, the Jewish chaplain of the 11th Wing at

  • Carlsbad WAC continues to support female veterans

    In the 1940s, women's roles in the military were much different than they are today. Women's auxiliary units had just begun to integrate with the service branches and people were concerned about how females serving would affect the nation. One southern congressman even addressed the House saying,

  • Science fair leads to first and only woman as SecAF

    In a field dominated by boys, especially during the mid 1950's, a young high school junior in Tacoma, Wash., was determined to win her local science fair. Borrowing a small piece of uranium from her uncle, who worked for a mining company, the student created a model of atoms and set up a display to

  • Cody testifies to quality of life in the Air Force

    Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Cody testified on quality-of-life issues in the Air Force before House Appropriations Committee members March 19.The biggest challenge currently facing the Air Force is the nation's fiscal situation, Cody said, citing the looming furlough of 180,000 civilian

  • Pentagon delays sending furlough notices to civilian workforce

    Pentagon officials have put off sending furlough notices to civilian employees until they've had a chance to analyze how pending legislation that would fund the federal government for the rest of the fiscal year will affect the Defense Department.Officials now estimate that furlough notices will go

  • Retired AF general driving force behind 'women's memorial'

    "Let the generations know that women in uniform also guaranteed their freedom. That our resolve was just as great as the brave men who stood among us. And with victory, our hearts were just as full and beat just as fast--that the tears fell just as hard for those we left

  • West Point visit sparks illustrious 30-year AF career

    Describing her career as "inconceivable," there isn't much that Maj. Gen. Sharon K. G. Dunbar would want to change. "I've done more than I ever imagined," said the small-hometown-in-Illinois commander of the Air Force District of Washington, Joint Base Andrews, Md. "I've met incredible people

  • A life in flight for first woman 'Thunderbirds' pilot

    Since 1953, the Air Force's air demonstration team, the Thunderbirds,  have captivated spectators across the world and showed its audiences what the Air Force's aircraft are capable of.For two years, Lt.Col. Nicole Malachowski surprised audiences not just in the air, but especially when she stepped

  • CMSAF discusses tuition assistance

    Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Cody took questions from Airmen here March 14, on the decision to suspend military tuition assistance. He also addressed how Airmen can continue to further their educational needs and what the future holds for the program next fiscal year, which begins

  • AF's top lawyer: Special Victims' Counsel supports sexual assault victims

    The Air Force's top lawyer testified Mar. 13 before the Senate Armed Services Committee's personnel subcommittee on sexual assault in the military and ongoing efforts to combat the problem.The Judge Advocate General, Lt. Gen. Richard C. Harding, was joined by his fellow service counterparts and the

  • AF general shatters both gender, racial barriers

    Born about the time the Tuskegee Airmen were earning their reputation over the skies of North Africa and Italy, Marcelite Harris would go on to break a number of racial and gender barriers during an illustrious Air Force career.Harris was born Jan. 16, 1943, in Houston and attended Spelman College

  • Women in AF paved way, often through adversity

    In a quote from one of Shakespeare's plays, "Twelfth Night," the character Malvallo remarks that "some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon 'em."Women in the Air Force (WAF) produced many such women who did not set out to be trailblazers but whose

  • One success inspires the next for today's women leaders

    "Things done are won; joy's soul is in the doing." This quote from one of Shakespeare's most ambiguous plays, Troilus and Cressida, appears to be the constant theme behind the careers of many of the Air Force's most accomplished women. Whether it was The Honorable Sheila E. Widnall, the 18th

  • Air Force Week in Photos

    This week's photos feature Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.View the slideshow.

  • Young girl's love of flying leads to history-making missions in space

    As a young child, Eileen Collins loved to sit with her dad in the family car and watch airplanes take off and land. The roar of the powerful engines and the grace of the aircraft as they seemed to float in the air always held excitement and enchantment for the young daughter of Irish immigrants.That

  • Flight nurses revolutionize military medical care

    Before World War II, the U.S. military showed little interest in using aircraft and flight nurses to evacuate wounded soldiers to rear areas. The global war, however, forced the U.S. Army Air Forces to revolutionize military medical care through the development of air evacuation (later known as

  • Former WAC interviewed as one of oldest living Airmen

    After Mildred McDowell left the Air Force in 1949, she had one regret - that she no longer had her Women's Army Corps uniform. Fortunately, the year before she died, someone read a story about her life and sent her a replacement. When McDowell died at the age of 104 on Nov. 15, 2012, she was buried

  • Air Force suspends military tuition assistance

    In the wake of sequestration, the Air Force officially suspended military tuition assistance March 11.Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley announced the Air Force has officially suspended military TA for the remainder of fiscal 2013. The program will continue to be evaluated to determine the

  • Two AF nurses heroes of 'Operation Babylift'

    No matter how far women were kept away from combat roles, they were never far from harm and the opportunity to rise above and beyond the call of duty.An explosion blew out a pressure door of a C-5A Galaxy as it took off from Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Vietnam, April 4, 1975, forcing it to make an

  • First AF woman 4-star comes full circle

    Young Janet Libby was definitely someone going places at Beavercreek High School near Dayton, Ohio. She was in the National Honor Society, on both the German and Ski clubs and a soccer athlete as well. But even those friends and well-wishers who would have signed her senior yearbook with words like

  • Betty 'Tack' Blake: Only surviving member of 1st WASP class

    Last year, a young female pilot recently showed her 91-year-old guest the F-16 Fighting Falcon she flies at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. She thanked Betty "Tack" Blake several times as she talked about her job, so Blake finally asked the young captain why she was thanking her."Because you started it,"

  • Women's roles evolve quickly following World War II

    Within the time span it took for women in television to transform from the female stereotypes portrayed on "I Love Lucy" to the more modern, late-century version found on "Murphy Brown," women in the U.S. Air Force were making strides that far outpaced their Hollywood counterparts.By the end of

  • Air Force Week in Photos

    This week's photos feature Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.View the slideshow.

  • Sequestration impacts ripple across Air Force

    Air Force senior leaders issued updated guidance to leaders of Air Force major commands and addressed the service's Airmen last week on how the service will operate under sequestration and a continuing resolution for the remainder of the fiscal year.Acting Under Secretary of the Air Force Dr. Jamie

  • Seasoned Airman, young 'AF cop' early female casualties of war on terror

    A seasoned loadmaster assigned to special operations and a young security forces Airman, barely 21-years-of-age, have the distinction as the first female Airmen to die during the Global War on Terror in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom respectively.Staff Sgt. Anissa Shero was deployed

  • Through Airmen's Eyes: Sister before self

    (This feature is part of the "Through Airmen's Eyes" series on These stories focus on a single Airman, highlighting their Air Force story.) The day he found out about his sister's condition, he knew he would go to any lengths necessary to help her.In December 2012, Tech. Sgt. Simon Garcia,

  • Hazel Ying Lee: Showcased Asian-American involvement in war effort

    The Asian and Pacific island influence for the Air Force began during the early days of World War II when Chinese-American women were recruited to serve in the "Air WACs," a special unit within the Army Air Corps where Asian-American women served in jobs that ranged from aerial photo interpretation,

  • F-35s cleared to resume flight

    F-35 Lightning IIs were cleared for flight Feb. 28 following a temporary suspension after a cracked engine blade was found in a test aircraft earlier in the month. A .06-inch crack was discovered in a third-stage turbine blade in a test aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., Feb. 19.

  • Esther Blake: First enlisted woman in the Air Force

    Staff Sgt. Esther McGowin Blake has the distinction of being the "first woman in the Air Force." She enlisted in the first minute of the first hour of the first day regular Air Force duty was authorized for women on July 8, 1948. Blake originally enlisted in March 1944, in Miami in the Army Air

  • Two women, different backgrounds, one goal

    Two women, from opposite economic, social and cultural backgrounds, earned common ground during the early days of World War II and set a path in aviation that would steamroll into women's boundless roles today. Jacqueline Cochran was born in 1906 in a cotton-fields-and-sawmill small town in western

  • Air Force cuts aviation support at public events

    As the Air Force braces for potential sequester, leadership has cancelled all aviation support to public events for at least the remainder of the fiscal year and is standing down the Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team to save flying hours to support readiness needs. Effective today, active-duty,

  • USecAF nominee testifies before Senate committee

    Eric Fanning testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee Feb. 28 during his confirmation hearing to be the next under secretary of the Air Force. "I come from a family with a long history of service in uniform -- two uncles graduated from West Point and made careers in the Army, another

  • Air Force Week in Photos

    This week's photos feature Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.View the slideshow.

  • AF first female fighter pilot continues to break stereotypes

    After Col. Jeannie Leavitt finished pilot training at the top of her class in 1992, she was given her first choice of aircraft, with a few restrictions. Her first choice, the F-15 Strike Eagle, wasn't yet an option for female pilots."I was told you finished No. 1, but you cannot pick a fighter,"

  • Series showcases daily examples of women's accomplishments

    On Friday, March 1, we begin a month-long recognition of women's contributions to our Air Force, putting a blue perspective to the 2013 National Women's Project theme of "women inspiring innovation through imagination." The 31-day series will showcase a profile each day of a woman or

  • CSAF discusses impact of sequester

    America's military superiority is founded on training and readiness, and the fiscal crisis facing the country threatens to strip away that edge, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress Feb. 26.Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, along with Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray

  • AF releases criteria for new combat medal

    Air Force officials released nomination criteria for the new Distinguished Warfare Medal Feb. 15, following defense officials' announcement of the new decoration days prior. The DWM will be awarded to honor individuals for single acts of extraordinary achievement, not involving acts of valor, that

  • Air Force Week in Photos

    This week's photos feature Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force. View the slideshow.

  • CSAF, CMSAF kickoff AFA Orlando, leave few dry eyes

    Two senior Air Force leaders addressed more than 500 people at the Air Force Association's 29th Air Warfare Symposium & Technology Exposition here Feb. 21, 2013.Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark. A. Welsh III and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Cody took to the stage with several points to

  • Panetta notifies Congress DOD preparing for furloughs

    Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta has notified Congress that the Defense Department is prepared to implement furloughs for civilian personnel in response to the threat of sequestration.In a memo to all employees, Panetta vowed to continue working with Congress to avoid sequestration, which would add

  • 2012 climate survey shows overall satisfaction with jobs, leaders

    More than 163,000 Airmen voiced their opinions in the online Air Force Climate Survey conducted May 11 - June 22, with results indicating Airmen are satisfied with unit performance and trust their leaders, Air Force Personnel Center officials said today.Conducted every two years, the climate survey

  • AF implements enlisted date of separation rollback

    The Air Force will implement the enlisted date of separation rollback program this fiscal year, in addition to several voluntary force management programs that were announced Feb. 5, Air Force Personnel Center officials said today.The rollback will accelerate the date of separation for senior master

  • Welsh: Sequestration will 'undermine' readiness

    Unprecedented budget factors have placed the nation's defense strategy in jeopardy, senior Department of Defense leaders told the Senate Armed Services Committee Feb. 12.During his opening remarks, the chief of staff of the Air Force stressed the severity of the current fiscal

  • Act like a Superhero

    I was recently picking up a few items at a local retail chain at lunchtime; everywhere I walked, someone wanted to shake my hand or say, "Thank you for your service." It made me proud to be wearing the uniform of the U.S. Air Force.While waiting in the checkout lane, I noticed a little boy shopping

  • AF leaders: Sequestration, more budget cuts will be devastating

    Sequestration would leave the Air Force with untrained people, a lack of equipment and be "devastating" to the service, officials said Feb. 7.The warning echoes what Department of Defense officials have stated for months about across-the-board defense cuts, in addition to an ongoing continuing

  • Air Force Week in Photos

    This week's photos feature Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.View the slideshow.

  • AF chief of staff releases 2013 reading list

    The Air Force chief of staff published his professional reading list Feb. 1.In a message on the website, Gen. Mark A. Welsh III said, "We are the world's greatest air force because of our Airmen...and we must continue to strengthen that team." He asks Airmen to take a look at the list that

  • Top 10 facility energy accomplishments of 2012

    The fiscal year 2012 Annual Energy Management Report is making its way to Congress and lawmakers will likely be impressed by Air Force facility energy accomplishments. The Air Force Civil Engineer Center submitted the report to the Office of the Civil Engineer in November. It has since been sent to

  • AF implements voluntary FY13 force management programs

    The Air Force will implement several voluntary officer and enlisted force management programs for fiscal year 2013, Air Force Personnel Center officials announced today.Announced in the January release of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2013, the authorized active duty Air Force

  • Waterproof: Missile Retrievers not afraid to dive in

    When the weather forecast calls for tall waves, mean currents and high winds in the Gulf, the last thing most people want to do is jump into it. For Ray Gallien and Steve Shafer, two of the commercial divers aboard the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron's three Missile Retriever boats, it sometimes

  • Air Force Week in Photos

    This week's photos feature Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.View the slideshow.

  • New surcharge on Visa purchases

    As of January 27, merchants in the United States and U.S. Territories are permitted to impose a surcharge on any credit card transaction that uses a MasterCard or Visa branded card, which includes the Government Travel Charge Card, both Individually Billed Accounts (IBAs) and Centrally Billed

  • AF to open remaining combat positions to women

    Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey announced today the rescission the 1994 Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule for women and that the Department of Defense plans to remove gender-based barriers to service. "Women have

  • CMSAF transition: Airmen say goodbye to Roy, welcome Cody

    The Air Force appointed its 17th chief master sergeant of the Air Force during a transition and retirement ceremony here Jan. 24.In his last official act before retiring, Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy relinquished the duties and responsibilities of the Air Force's highest enlisted

  • Air Force Officials Aim to Eliminate Sexual Assault

    Following a nine-month investigation into sexual misconduct at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in San Antonio, the Air Force has implemented a comprehensive program aimed at eliminating sexual assault, senior Air Force leaders told Congress today.Air Force Chief Of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III and

  • Air Force releases results of health and welfare inspection

    The Air Force released the results of the service-wide health and welfare inspections that were completed in an effort to emphasize an environment of respect, trust and professionalism in the workplace."Every Airman deserves to be treated with respect. They also deserve to work in a professional

  • Air Force Year in Photos

    A team of Air Force journalists and photographers selected the best photos from around the Air Force for the 2012 Air Force Year in Photos. These photos showcase Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America.View the slideshow.

  • Air Force implements civilian hiring freeze

    Air Force senior leaders directed a force-wide hiring freeze among other workforce actions in a memorandum sent to senior commanders Jan. 16.The actions are part of the Air Force's efforts to pursue reversible or recoverable steps to avoid impacts to core readiness caused by the looming possibility

  • Morin talks sequestration, near-term budget actions

    The acting under secretary of the Air Force described how the nation's fiscal challenges are affecting the service to a group of civic and industry leaders in Arlington, Va., Jan. 15.Dr. Jamie Morin spoke to members of industry, the Air Force, the Air Force Association and media as part of AFA's

  • Air Force leaders deliver budget guidance to force

    Air Force leaders delivered guidance to the force recently, telling them to begin planning for the uncertain budget environment ahead, Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley said Jan. 11 in a press briefing."Even though we're not presuming this worst case will occur, prudent planning for the

  • Air Force leaders issue Martin Luther King Day message

    Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy send the following Martin Luther King Day message to the Airmen of the U.S. Air Force:"As America commemorates the federal holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther

  • Airman will be part of history during 57th Presidential Inauguration

    A selected few from the ranks of the Air Force, along with those selected by their sister services, will become a part of history on Jan. 21, when President Barack Obama takes his second oath of office during the 57th Presidential Inauguration. They came together on Sunday Jan. 13, to put months of

  • State of the AF is 'strong'

    The Air Force's top leaders said today the service has accomplished much while dealing with many challenges in the last year.Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III briefed members of the media here on the state of the service and its focus on

  • Air Force Band, Honor Guard prepare for Inauguration Day

    Preparation is nothing new to the U.S. Air Force Band and Honor Guard as they get ready for Jan. 21's 57th presidential inauguration, bringing a total Air Force presence to the massive event.After a dress rehearsal here today, Col. Larry Lang, commander and conductor of the U.S. Air Force Band,

  • Air Force Week in Photos

    This week's photos feature Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.View the slideshow.

  • AF releases new 'vision' document

    The Air Force released a new Vision document today outlining the force's vision and way forward."Focused on 'Airmen, Mission, and Innovation,' I believe this short document captures what today's Air Force is all about and where I think we ought to focus on for tomorrow," said Air Force Chief of

  • 19th CSAF portrait unveiled

    A portrait painting of retired Gen. Norton Schwartz, the 19th Air Force chief of staff, was unveiled Jan. 8, 2013, at the Pentagon.Artist Michele Rushworth was commissioned to paint the portrait."When I heard that I was chosen to paint this portrait, I was thrilled and immediately began my research

  • Air Force announces KC-46A candidate bases

    The Air Force announced Altus Air Force Base, Okla. and McConnell AFB, Kan., as candidate bases for the KC-46A formal training unit (FTU) today. Altus AFB, Fairchild AFB, Wash., Grand Forks AFB, N.D., and McConnell AFB, are candidate bases for the first active-duty led KC-46A main operating base

  • Air Force to provide dedicated legal counsel to sexual assault victims

    A new Air Force pilot program designed to provide legal assistance to victims of sexual assault will begin later this month.The Special Victims' Counsel Program will give sexual assault victims legal assistance and help them navigate the criminal justice system with lawyers trained to handle their

  • Air Force Week in Photos

    This week's photos feature Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.View the slideshow.

  • Airman January 2013 - available now!

    In the latest issue of Airman magazine, our "Bird of Prey" feature highlights the F-22 Raptor, which brings never-before-seen capabilities to aerial warfare.The F-22 Raptor, the Air Force's preeminent fighter aircraft, provides the United States unrivaled dominance in the air with its

  • Lt. Gen. Clarke confirmed as Director, Air National Guard

    Lt. Gen. Stanley E. "Sid" Clarke III, commander of the Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region and 1st Air Force, has been confirmed by the Senate to be the next director of the Air National Guard.Clarke will replace Lt. Gen. Harry "Bud" Wyatt, who is retiring this month.

  • Academy falls to Rice in Armed Forces Bowl

    The Air Force Academy fell 33-14 to Rice University in the 2012 Armed Forces Bowl today.Rice University used a combination of size, speed and better execution to dominate the second half and end the Falcons season with a loss. After a few initial three-and-outs, Rice mounted its first sustained

  • SecAF, CMSAF hold Airman's call at NAS Sigonella

    Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy and Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley spoke with Airmen during an Airman's call at Naval Air Station Sigonella, Dec. 27, 2012. Donley and Roy visited Sigonella as part of a multi-base tour to meet with Airmen and deployed service members within

  • Osan community brightens holidays for Korean orphans

    The holidays are a time for sharing, love and togetherness. In spite of recent tensions, service members in South Korea wished to extend their hearts to Korean children living in orphanages. On Dec. 22, more than 600 Osan Air Base service members and families came together through Operation

  • Air Force Week in Photos

    This week's photos feature Airmen around the globe involved in activities supporting expeditionary operations and defending America. This weekly feature showcases the men and women of the Air Force.View the slideshow.

  • Operation Christmas Drop

    For more than 60 years, Airmen have flown over Micronesia around Christmas, dropping donated goods in makeshift bundles to help more than 30,000 islanders inhabiting tiny islands spread across an area roughly the combined size of Alaska and Texas. The yearly endeavor, called Operation Christmas

  • AETC declares Eglin ready for F-35 training

    Following an independent evaluation of Eglin's capability to conduct F-35A Lightning II pilot training, Air Education and Training Command announced Dec. 17 that the 33rd Fighter Wing can do so starting January 2013. "The preliminary results provided by the Joint Operational Test Team show the F-35A

  • Air Force leaders issue holiday message

    Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy send the following holiday message to the Airmen of the U.S. Air Force:The holiday season is a perfect time to celebrate the many blessings that we enjoy in our

  • Air Force NCO training takes on international flavor

    The NCO course at the Inter-American Air Forces Academy on Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland helps to fulfill a key U.S. Air Force priority of partnering with joint and coalition teams to win today's fight.The Inter-American Noncommissioned Officer Academy course integrates U.S. Air Force NCOs into

  • AFSOC builds partnerships with sister services, foreign militaries

    More than 30 servicemembers and civil servants from 10 different countries gathered here to attend the Building Partner Aviation Capacity Course Dec. 3 to 14. BPACC was designed as an avenue for Air Force Special Operations Command to create, nurture or deepen partnerships with foreign militaries,

  • Lt. Gen. Clarke nominated as Director, Air National Guard

    Lt. Gen. Stanley E. Clarke III, commander of the Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region - 1st Air Force, has been nominated by President Obama to be the next director of the Air National Guard.If confirmed by the Senate, Clarke will replace Lt. Gen. Harry "Bud" Wyatt III.,

  • Air Force launches 3rd X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle

    In the next installment to improve space capability and further develop an affordable, reusable space vehicle, the Air Force conducted its third X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle launch here on December 11, officials said.The launch comes on the heels of the successful flight of OTV-2, which made an

  • New process improves household goods shipments

    A system being implemented at U.S. Transportation Command is making permanent-change-of-station moves more convenient, while reducing lost and damaged shipments and saving the government money.The Defense Personal Property System, introduced in 2009 as a pilot program at 17 installations, now

  • DOD prepares for potential sequestration

    The Office of Management and Budget has instructed the Department of Defense to pursue internal planning to meet required budget cuts if sequestration goes into effect Jan. 3."We are at the very start of this process," said Dr. George Little, acting assistant secretary of defense for public affairs,

  • Pearl Harbor: Air Force legacy on day that would 'live in infamy'

    "It was the first time I had ever seen a plunging dive bomber and it was an awesome sight. Nothing in warfare is more frightening," said Pvt. Wilfred D. Burke, 72d Pursuit Squadron, Wheeler Field, whose experience in the attacks on Pearl Harbor are recorded in "7 December 1941: The Air Force Story"

  • 'Sir, tell the TACP thanks'

    On 13 May 2010, an Airman First Class taught me some lessons I'll never forget. I think of Airman 1st Class Corey Hughes almost every week. His actions on that particular day in May remind me to focus on others first, that heroic leaders exist among us all the time, and doing the right thing takes